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In Memoriam: Bob Byrd
It is with profound sadness that we at SALUG report the passing of our longtime member, current Vice President, and dear friend, Bob Byrd. Fellow SALUG member LeRoy Clark writes:

Like some others in our tribe... Bob was "pure" in his quest for the noble far reaches of STEM. I will miss his humble wit and encyclopaedic on-demand knowledge.

The best honor we can do him is to clearly remember his character. Though he constantly suffered physical misery and social isolation, we never heard a single complaint or murmur. No matter the subject under discussion, his input was always from the highest and "rightest" perspective. He leapt at every chance to help others. Amongst a group of advanced thinkers, he seemed to me to be the most advanced... unfiltered by "normalcy" he lived, breathed, and thought in the same realm as the great historic thinkers, scientists, and mathematicians that we all admire.

I don't know about y'all, but after any encounter with Bob Byrd I came away humbled, improved, and grinning from ear to ear.

Farewell, Bob. You will be missed and remembered fondly.

Future Events
SALUG is in a period of transition. An announcement regarding SALUG's future direction will be posted to our members' mailing list shortly, followed soon after by a public statement on this website. Please continue to watch this space for further details.

In the meantime, SALUG's monthly workshops have been suspended.

SALUG currently meets at Mobile Makerspace. (561 St. Francis Street, in Downtown Mobile.) Our meetings start at 2:00pm and are held on the second Saturday of the month.

Click here for a map to Mobile Makerspace. Parking is available onsite.

For more information about SALUG, you can email

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